A downloadable game for Windows

-this is a 1st version. Further progress moved to other page-

The Elder god  will be most pleased if you make it and become the worthy sacrifice. It observes you with its disembodied eye, manipulating the arena and supplying you with means to fight. Battle your fellow circus felines to prove you are worth to be the chosen one, bask in your gods sight and kick everyone else out of the arena. Your opponents are no joke either, all heavily trained animals from the Travelling Occult Circus:

The Crouching Tiger, The Black Panther, The Deaf Leopard and The Tattooed Lady will all die in battle tonight, while you and your friends control them from the comfort of your couch.

Yes, it's a local multiplayer (aka couch) game.

Gameplay Video

Install instructions

alt+f4 to exit, for now


FarFromNormal02.zip 24 MB