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In this game, you are an intern in Purgatory. Based on the final statements of the people, you get to decide whether they go up the heavenly tube or down the fiery pit of hell. 

Based on your performance, things that happen at a real job happen.

made for #createjamspring2018


Far Lobby 0.1.7 - x86 - God Mode 68 MB
Far Lobby 0.1.7 - x64 70 MB
Far Lobby 0.1.7 - x86 68 MB


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whenever i try to pick someone up they spazz out and disappear. I cant do anything with them. tried all versions. anyone know whats going on and how to fix?

It says the download isnt safe for my computer

add a version for windows

There are only windows versions here.
If you don't see the download options, please use the itch.io website

add a version for windows


I had downloaded it to play with a friend, but it  wouldn't run. Tried to reinstall it, and now it says "Not available on Windows". Is that for all versions, or would one of the ones on the Game Jam page  work? (sorry if the answer is obvious, long day and brain is tired)

Can you try any of the 3 download buttons available now? 


It still says "Not available on Windows" for me, no download buttons. I'll admit it's quite possible that it's just my computer being weird. 

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so you don't see 3 buttons above the comments section here that offer new downloads of the game?

I don't know how to help then :?

maybe you're using a different link used by itch.io, you're on this page right?


Nope. Same link, this is what I see. Don't worry too much about it. Like I said, it's perfectly believable that  it's just me pulling a Dresden on it. I had an entire security system at my old job break down on 3 different occasions the second I sat down at the main computer,  so links not showing is not remotely weird to me. 

That's so weird, right above the information, below the description, there's the downloads section.
Maybe try to use the itch.io app, if you want to, anyway, sorry for the inconvenience :(


I badly wanna try this game though I've downloaded and tried those three but it kept saying error. What should I do?

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Strange, can we know what error you get? or is just "error, please contact developer"
Also, if we can have some information about your machine, like OS or something like that.
Thank you very much.


Can anybody show me how ti download it wont load up???

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In case you downloaded the x64 God mode, it was a bad build, please try any of the other 3 and just play it.


Really nice! I had fun playing it and I think it's a really cool concept. You should expand on it!


Thanks! Glad you liked it.


This is a great concept, very unique premise.


Thanks, the theme of this jam was "Existentialism", we had to come up with something really out-there, to be able to pull that one off :P

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That's one hell of a constraint!

Seriously this is refreshing departure from the Telltale-flavor moral dilemmas that saturate so many games today. "Do I save the asshole with the family or the sweet old cat lady?" etc

In this game screw it, you can damn them both.


Amazing polish! Hope y'all do some longer games.

:D thanks for review, this kind of content helps a lot, in putting things in perspective with other opinions, but also just seeing people enjoying or at least trying the game


Can't play it. Damn. I don't have x64. :/

will try to make an x86 build tonight, thanks for the interest though :D I'll post here when it's up

I believe x86 should work now for you.